• “I immediately felt the health benefits of Mama Rae’s food! I felt energised after every meal. I loved all of the food she cooked. When you watch Mama Rae at work in the kitchen, you can see the love being added to the food throughout the process. The food comes to life when she laughs! Magic in action before your eyes!”

    Gerry Gleeson Life coach, Healthy Life
  • “Mama Rae’s Soul Food. What can I say? Have you tasted DIVINE in every bite? LOVE also? You haven’t until you’ve tasted Mama Rae’s creations. If sugar-free, dairy-free, loads of veggies and nutrition that actually tastes like magic is your thing, then you will be in for a treat. I recently experienced Mama Rae’s food at Retreat to Write by Emily Gowor and was blown away. Every meal, every mouthful was devoured. Seconds were asked for. ‘Mmmmms!” galore And Mama Rae sat in delight with a huge smile on her face as her food nourished us and was so deeply appreciated. You can taste the love that she not only cooks with, but puts into every single recipe! Thank you Mama Rae. What a gift you are!! xx”

    Danni Oraweic
  • “I recently attended a retreat where the week was fully catered for. We were there to ‘work’ and it was so important that we could do so without the ‘distraction’ of having to get groceries and having to prepare meals etcetera. Mama Rae’s Soul Food took care of all of that for us. But that wasn’t all. Each meal was a delight. Each meal was better than the last. Each meal my taste buds were discovering new sensations and you could certainly taste the tender loving care put into it, in each bite. Mama Rae’s Soul Food was really amazing and allowed us to get on with what we were there to do.”

    John Pavone
  • “I loved all the new flavours I experienced from Mama Rae’s Soul Food. She puts so much care and attention into the food. My favourite meals were the baked cauliflower and the Raspberry and vanilla cheesecake! Mama Rae worked tirelessly and without complaint to present the most beautiful and yummy meals. Even though we were constantly eating, many of us reported suspected weight loss and commented that our clothes fit better, proof that you can eat and lose weight at the same time if the food you are giving your body is the right stuff. Sould food is an understatement.”

    Britt Brennan

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